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Fit For Purpose Quiz

How effective are you as a governor or trustee on your board? Perhaps you might encourage your board to try our Fit for Purpose Quiz to find out if you and your board members may need a bit of extra support to become more effective.

How do you assess your effectiveness? The answer could well be our new Fit for Purpose Quiz

At DAG we have developed many versions of this quiz, the latest is designed to be downloaded as a pdf and provides four questions prompting yes or no answers to each of the sections associated with our key roles and responsibilities. For each question that couldn’t be answered ‘yes’, there is a link to guidance for governors or trustees that may need to do a bit of homework. The clerk mike like to distribute a copy to each governor or trustee, the yes or no quiz could be completed within 10 minutes and each governor can then go home and follow the links to the guidance to help them to fill in any gaps in their knowledge.  If there are sections that all governors are a little shaky on, then this could be worked through by the whole board in a further meeting or through training.

Have a look at DAG’s Fit for Purpose Quiz by following the link and see how well you do!

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