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Support for Clerks from The Devon Association of Governance

DAG membership is free and automatic for any school governor trustee, director, clerk and company secretary in a governing body/board within the Devon Local Authority whether a maintained school, academy or other state funded school.

DAG membership confers many benefits that can support clerks to ensure their board delivers good governance. Within our DAG website you will find support to help you provide:

  • administrative and organisational support;
  • guidance to ensure that the board works in compliance with the appropriate legal and regulatory framework, and understands the potential consequences for noncompliance and
  • advice on procedural matters relating to the operation of the board. (Clerking Competency Framework 2017)

Busy Governor’s and Clerk’s Guides:

These short summary guides, normally only a page or two provide essential information for all those involved in governance to understand key areas of responsibility.

Many clerks have been circulating these guides to governors to encourage them to engage more with their key responsibilities:

Fit for purpose Quiz:

DAG updates this pdf resource for clerks and chairs to use with their board to find out how far the knowledge of roles and responsibilities is spread.  Clerks have been telling us that they provide a paper pdf copy for governors to spend 10 minutes before a meeting to tick yes or no and then individual governors use the links within the quiz to find out the answers to anything they could not answer as homework.  It is a useful indicator to where further individual or board training might be required.

Effective Chairs:

This termly update is designed to keep chairs up to speed with what is happening locally and nationally that may impact on the work of their own boards.  Clerks have been forwarding this resource at the beginning of term to chairs, vice chairs and committee chairs to ensure everyone has a heads up.

News articles:

DAG publishes around 150 news articles each academic year about education and governance. Four of these articles are published each week on the website and collated into an e-newsletter which forms the electronic email which is sent to all members every two weeks.  Clerks have been asking individual governors to register on the DAG website to ensure that they get to see the latest information and if all of the board register, they will all be aware of any developments.

DAG further supports governors and clerks to stay up to date by grouping recent new articles under the following headings


DAG supports boards with free conferences and seminars to promote good governance across Devon schools and academies.

DAG organises an annual conference that covers the most pressing issues around governance, with regular speakers and representatives from Ofsted, the Local Authority and the Regional School Commissioner’s Office. Our autumn 2019 Conference was very well attended and provided early information for boards around the new Ofsted framework, have a look on the DAG website in the conference section to see the past presentations.

We also provide seminars on key themes, the latest being an update on the new Ofsted framework following its implementation in September 2019, full details of this free seminar is also available on our DAG website.

In addition, in this section we will link to key documents and guides that we feel support clerks in their important governance role:

The Clerking Competency Framework (2017)

The Governance Handbook (2019)

The Competency Framework for Governors (2017)

NGA Clerks Job Description

Academies Articles of Association

The Constitution of Governing Bodies of Maintained Schools (2017)

Statutory Policies for Schools (2014)

What Maintained Schools Must Publish Online (2018)

What Academies Must Publish Online (2018)

DAG Clerks Focus Group Report (2015)

What governing boards should expect from school leaders and what school leaders should expect from governing boards

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